Momentum Quote

Using Deadlines to Drive Momentum

Writing is an act of creation. Building a poem, a short story, or a novel is a project that requires continuing effort for sometimes months or years. Completing that project is not easy. I’ve seen statistics that suggest maybe 1% of all the writers who begin a novel ever actually complete one. For those of […]

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Pile of Rocks

Using Setting to Reinforce Plot and Character

A distant explosion jarred Mike out of bed. He stumbled upright in the dark, groping for boots with bare feet as he reached for his weapon. Where this scene goes next depends on a lot of things, including who Mike is, his profession, and state of mind. It also depends on what type of story […]

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Lessons Learned from Indie Publishing

(This post was featured on Fictorians on June 19th. All last month, we talked about small presses and publishing. Check out this post there, along with the other great Fictorians posts last month) I started writing over a dozen years ago, when indie publishing wasn’t really a viable option. The flood of services, tools, and […]

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May Tulips

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hopefully you’re having a barbecue.  This month the Fictorians are discussing what makes different novels stand out, and why you can recognize a particular author’s works, even across series. What is the ‘special sauce’ they use? Today I get to discuss my own books as an example. What makes a Frank […]

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Castello Odescalchi

Castles In Italy

Castles- A Photo journey Join Frank and Jenny Morin on a tour of the 3 castles they visited in Italy. The purpose of their trip: to research sites for Frank’s Facetakers series. They visited Castello Odescalci near Rome,  Guaiata Fortress in San Marino, and Castello Sforza in Milan.  

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Rune Warrior at the Uffizi

Fair Florence

We recently traveled to Italy on a research trip for Frank’s time travel thrillers, the Facetakers series. My first morning in Tuscany, I had a Room with a View experience. Typical Jenny fashion, I couldn’t open the shutters in my room, but I did manage to throw open the shutters at the end of the […]

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Turkish bath

What happens in a Turkish bath, anyway?

The most luxurious experience I’ve ever had happened half a world away in the exotic city of Istanbul. Our gracious hotel guide showed us the way to Cemberlitas Hamami, an ancient Turkish bath just a few minutes’ walk from our hotel.  Just walking in and feeling the warmth of the steam seeping out into the […]

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Italian bakery with cupcakes

Mangia in Italy!

Did you know there’s a tower in Italy named after eating? It’s true. Mangia is the word for ‘eat’ in Italian. In Siena, their tallest tower is named the Torre del Mangia or the Tower of eating! Italians take their food seriously. I’ve never had a bad meal there. It just takes a little planning, […]

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Hero with Friends

Why the Hero Needs Friends, but the Villain is a Loner

Why does the hero usually benefit from a group of friends to support them, while the villain seems to go it alone, surrounded by toadies, henchmen, and often monstrous servants, but no real friends? A favorite example for me is David Eddings’ classic fantasy: The Mallorean. I loved this series when I read it as […]

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Humor Panel LTUE

LTUE – Great Time Moderating the Humor Panel

The LTUE Conference (Life, the Universe, and Everything) this year in Provo, UT, was again a wonderful event. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, attending excellent panels and presentations, catching up with old friends, and networking with many new people. One of the highlights was moderating the panel on writing humor: “I’m in it For […]

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