May Tulips

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hopefully you're having a barbecue. This month the Fictorians are discussing what makes different novels stand ...
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Castello Odescalchi

Castles In Italy

Castles- A Photo journey Join Frank and Jenny Morin on a tour of the 3 castles they visited in Italy ...
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Rune Warrior at the Uffizi

Fair Florence

We recently traveled to Italy on a research trip for Frank's time travel thrillers, the Facetakers series. My first morning ...
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Turkish bath

What happens in a Turkish bath, anyway?

The most luxurious experience I’ve ever had happened half a world away in the exotic city of Istanbul. Our gracious ...
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Italian bakery with cupcakes

Mangia in Italy!

Did you know there’s a tower in Italy named after eating? It’s true. Mangia is the word for ‘eat’ in ...
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Hero with Friends

Why the Hero Needs Friends, but the Villain is a Loner

Why does the hero usually benefit from a group of friends to support them, while the villain seems to go ...
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