Castles In Italy

Castles- A Photo journey

Join Frank and Jenny Morin on a tour of the 3 castles they visited in Italy. The purpose of their trip: to research sites for Frank’s Facetakers series. They visited Castello Odescalci near Rome, ¬†Guaiata Fortress in San Marino, and Castello Sforza in Milan.

  • Frank is a captive at Odescalci Castle
    Frank horsed around and pretends he is trapped inside a dungeon at Odescalci.
  • Castle Odescalci or Castello Odescalci, Italy.
    The imposing Odescalci Castle built by the Orsini family in the late 1400's. This overlooks the round lake Bracciano in Italy. We visited to research for Frank's upcoming Facetakers book Aeon Champion.
  • Frank in Odescalci castle courtyard.
  • The Pope's quarters in Odescalci castle.
    This gilded ceiling greeted the Pope every morning as he woke. Pope Sixtus IV della Rovere lived here for 3 years to escape the plague. A grand chamber with every comfort the times could provide.
  • A couple poses on Monte Titano, San Marino.
    You can get a sense of just how high up we were on the trail to Guaita Fortress in San Marino.
  • Grand archway between courtyards at Odescalci Castle, Italy.
    A lovely view of the grand passage leading from the courtyard to a lawn area.
  • Jenny and Frank Morin pose in front of the Guaita Fortress in San Marino.
    Jenny and Frank pose with the grand Guaiata Fortress in the background. San Marino.
  • Odescalci entry door
    Jenny loves to photograph doors and arches. This is a very interesting one, and has an inscription over the door: 'I was built by Napoleone Orsini, I welcome the good and drive out the bad.'
  • Odescalchi castle courtyard
    Jenny is giddy -- this is her first castle courtyard. Castle Odescalci in Bracciano, Italy.
  • San Marino tower, Italy
    Guaita Fortress perches on Monte Titano high above the Italian countryside. San Marino is an independent country inside of Italy.


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