Batman vs Bane

Tension in Physical Confrontation

Which scene evokes more tension? 1 - Two master martial artists dueling in a high-flying contest of furious fists? 2 ...
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Trashing Your Novel Might be the Only Way to Save It

Happy New Year! As we discuss new beginnings this month in the Fictorians, I'm talking about those times when you ...
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Forbidden City

Pause to Enjoy the View

A lot of people travel during the holidays, and many of us focus on how efficiently we can get from ...
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Sesame rice balls in shanghai

The Flavor of China

Another in the series of blog posts by Jenny Morin, inspired by our recent research trip to China. Go to ...
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Great wall of China

There’s a WALL there

There's a WALL there. Yep, a really long one. At its longest, the Great Wall was 8,851 km in length ...
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Awards Consideration – 2016

For 2016 consideration (Novel) No Stone Unturned by Frank Morin Published November, 2016 by Whipsaw Press Book three of the ...
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