The Lord of the Rings – Perhaps the Best Movie Adaptation Ever

In my family, we love good stories. We're avid readers, and we also love to go to the movies. Film ...
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Interview with Author Kevin Nielsen

This is the second in an ongoing series of regular interviews with other authors. Kevin Nielsen is author of the ...
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No Stone Unturned Cover

No Stone Unturned ebook Launch This Friday, Nov 4th!

It's official - No Stone Unturned will Launch worldwide in ebook format this Friday, Nov 4th! Paperback and Hardcover formats ...
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Grave Beginnings

Interview with Author R.R. Virdi

I plan to feature interviews with other authors as a regular event on this blog. I love to learn about ...
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How Dark is too Dark? Setting the Right Tone.

I'm going to write a story where the world is on the brink of destruction. Few people, if any, will ...
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Editors: Angels and demons

Editors: Angels or Demons

(This post is featured on the Fictorians site. Check out other great posts for September dealing with handling setbacks and ...
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